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Hello everyone!
Please excuse the way I am announcing myself.
In short, my name is FRANZISKA SCHMID, I am 79 years old and live in Germany. I suffer from a serious illness that condemns me to certain death, a brain tunnel, and I have a sum of €650,000 that I would like to give to an honest and trustworthy person so that they can benefit from it. I own a company that imports mahogany to France, I have been widowed for 23 years, which has affected me greatly and I have not been able to remarry to date and we have had no children. I would like to donate this sum before I die because my doctor has confirmed that my days are numbered. I would like to find a caring person who can help me in this situation


Je parle : Anglais, Français, Italien


Franziska Schmid

Franziska Schmid

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